Time management as one of the core functions of the work system design forms planning and operating basis through the acquisition, processing, and use of time data, which is often collected in an integrated time data management. As a specialist in the field of Industrial Engineering, we offer you for time management all relevant entry points and fields of activity.

As a result of extensive cost-cutting activities in the 1990s and at the beginning of the 21st century, the functions and competencies of time management have been reduced in many companies. In these cases, a (re) construction of the time economy is indispensable. IPS Engineers supports the development and design of suitable roadmaps for implementation, adapts them to the company goals and framework conditions and helps with the operationalization of the topics and the project planning. If required, services can also be supplemented in the individual activities; an extensive partner network also offers a variety of options here.

If the manufacturing companies lack competence in the area of time management or if there is insufficient internal capacity available, the IPS Engineers support the execution of REFA time studies or MTM analyzes. In addition to the necessary structuring of the processes and the formation of company-specific time modules, an optimizing view of the process to be observed is an essential competence of the IPS Engineers. The collected time data are forming in many cases the framework for the development of time data management and for identifying starting points for in-house capacity building in time management. Together with partners, we will gladly assist you in the further development of your time management expertise.

The digital mapping of processes in process planning and their structured administration in suitable specialized software solutions is part of the expertise of the IPS Engineers. Whether TiCon, ORTIM or CAPP Knowledge, the main software systems are known to us and are gladly adapted and tested in different applications. The IPS Engineers support you in the selection of the systems, their adaptation and sometimes even participate in the further development of the time management software. All this in close cooperation with the customers and of course the system providers. The design of interfaces between software tools is just as much a task as the design and improvement of functionalities.