Time as a critical success factor in development and planning projects is forcing many companies into new methods of project management and internal integration of engineering activities.

IPS Engineers adapts agile approaches for the development of complex production systems. In doing so, we use integrated and cross-company planning data management, to help you achieve cross-functional, capacity-optimized and time-optimized planning through simultaneous engineering.

Software development has largely integrated agile concepts and process models. In the unmanageable environment of planning production systems, classical stage gate models are still dominating today. The adaptation of agile systematics, including the necessary restructuring of construction, process, and IT structures, is a field of work of IPS Engineers. In the synchronization of the planning disciplines (layout, logistics, assembly, and production) are still great potentials that can be tackled with the appropriate layout in an agile procedure.

Determining assembly work content in the early stages of product development for new generations of series products is methodologically still an insufficiently solved task. With the further development of CAD-related methods such as ProKon (production-oriented design) or the use of data-based prediction methods based on CAD / PDM, IPS Engineers develops and tests novel solutions, which are then integrated into the partners‘ development and planning landscapes. In addition to the methodological foundations of the Design for X (especially Design for Assembly) field, IPS Engineers also has excellent contacts to the major software vendors and insights into their development work.

The aggregation of planning states and results, in common cross-domain models, is an essential characteristic of the modern product and production development processes. The classical domain-driven approaches with their separation into mechanics, electronics and software, are increasingly changed to an integrated design of complex systems along the product life cycle. The conceptional and software technical support of the approaches of the Model-Based Systems Engineering of production systems, as well as their optimization, is a support approach for manufacturing companies with high value-added depth.