The tasks of IPS Engineers in data analysis are manifold. With our focus on business and on data understanding, we can interpret your results and work together with you to develop appropriate approaches for improvement. In the modeling, validation, and data preprocessing, that traditionally need complex sub-steps, we can often provide methodological support or work with the help of existing standards. Our expertise in the identification and design of applications extends across all application areas of industrial engineering.

Although the integration of machines and systems in many production companies already provides a valid basis for sophisticated maintenance strategies, practice often demonstrates that the use of reactive or preventive strategies is based on vague empirical values. IPS Engineers supports the development of suitable focal points for data analytics in the field of maintenance and works together with companies to develop easily usable use cases for data analytics that are close to the production process. The potentials shown are often the starting point for further professionalization in the field of MES and maintenance software. Here IPS Engineers has valuable contacts to support strategic decisions.

New methods of quality management are essentially based on the installation of short feedback cycles for the short-cycle adaptation of processes and process-accompanying interventions in the overall production process. The processing and evaluation of data streams, for example using features for the detection of critical events or states, is as effective as the detection of outliers using different methods of outlier detection, that are often based on complicated and not always transparent target relationships. The combination of different data sources by means of ID or time stamps enables comprehensive analysis procedures that enable the quality management of the future and a significant reduction of quality costs.

Based on the Knowledge Discovery in the Databases process, the adaptation of the system to the knowledge acquisition in industrial databases is a major focus of IPS Engineers. The consideration of heterogeneous data sources in the product development process (PEP) and the integration of data from the supplier and customer forms the focus of the current and future work in the PLZ- and cross-company data analysis. The flexible integration of analysis tools in the customer processes from the integration of the software to the service approach for data analysis completes the portfolio and forms the basis for the future development of new data-driven business models.